When Your Home is Invaded

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There were a lot of facts to consider when I bought my first home. From home insurance to property tax, I thought I had everything under control. I had been looking forward to owning my first home for the longest time and found myself very content with the single largest purchase that I have ever made. I’m sure you can imagine my shock, then, when I came home one day to discover that my house had been broke into. The anger that I felt is indescribable. So it’s not a surprise that I called adt home security that same day and had them install the most expensive security system that I could afford. I got it all, man; from the motion sensors that are able to detect when glass breaks or something is knocked over to the apps that let me watch and monitor my home’s security state no matter where I am. It might seem a little like over kill but it’s not something I am ever going to risk again.

This is my home. This is the place that I should truly feel safe in. This is the one place in the world that I can honestly call my place, my home, my territory. I have to admit that it was a strange sensation that came over me when I realized that my home had been broken into. It’s what I imagine an animal might experience whenever an invader crosses into their territory. I felt anger, fear and a distinct desire to protect my place no matter the cost. I wanted to find those robbers and ensure that they never break into my home again. ADT was the next best solution in the face of that, however, and I am thankful that they can provide such a great service.

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