So Many Amenities for the Residents at Bellewoods

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I work real close to the Civic Center, but it was taking me nearly 40 minutes to get there every day. At first, it did not bother me because I liked spending that time alone, just listening to music and sorting through my thoughts. However, that started growing old after the first several weeks. I had often contemplated moving closer to work, but it was not until I saw information on Bellewoods in Singapore that I knew that it was time to make the move. This new development is close enough to the Civic Center that I would not have to worry about long commutes anymore.

Another nice point is that even though I have a car, I honestly don’t mind just taking a bus at times. Living at the Bellewoods EC means I can easily catch a bus and be at work in just a very short period of time. When I am not working, instead of traveling I can take advantage of some of the great things there are to do at the Bellewoods EC. What drew me to this place first were the gorgeous pictures of the pools and clubhouse.

The developers made sure to create a paradise with all of the amenities. I love to swim, but I also love to just soak and enjoy the sun too, so the spa pool, infinity pool, and the aquatic forest pool are simply amazing for someone like me. Add in the water court and spa house, and I was immediately sold that this was the perfect place for someone like me. There are lots of other things to do too, like play tennis, work out in the fitness center, hang out with other residents in the clubhouse, have barbecues and picnics in different areas on the grounds, explore the trails and so much more. I cannot wait to live there now!

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