I Was Addicted to Food

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When I used to tell people that I was addicted to food, not many believed me. I was overweight, and they felt I should be able to control what I put in my mouth. I never disagreed with them, because I have always felt that way myself. But, just like an alcoholic can’t help that next drink or a drug addict needs that fix, it is the same for a food addict. I knew I needed help, and I found it when I received an email from a good friend that said to click here.

When I clicked on the link that she had sent me, I was so happy to see that I was not alone in this. The article that she directed me to was about food addiction, and i was able to read about it from a scientific point of view. Rather than telling me to just stop shoving food in my mouth, the article showed me how to do that. I was really happy with everything that I read, because I finally felt that I had some hope. I decided to read some other articles on the site, and I was just as impressed with them too.

In addition to giving me hope, this site also gave me a plan that was real. I had read so many articles up to this point that were just not realistic. You don’t just tell someone who is having trouble putting the donuts and chips down to just stop eating. It is not going to work. What this site did was different though. Instead of just saying to not eat certain foods, it suggested alternative foods that were able to be eaten instead. I did that, and I discovered that I was losing my hunger for the junk not long after. That was the beginning of my journey, and I am excited to still be on it!

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