Getting Roofs Repaired in the Big Apple

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It is easy to imagine a tree falling on a roof in the suburbs. They can make a big hole in a roof. A big old oak could crush a house. However, there are hazards in the city too. Ours was up on the roof already. Workers fashioned a support frame and lift to get a very large commercial AC unit up onto rollers. The lift broke and the corner hit and busted right through. The insurance company wanted to send out their favorite company, but I chose from one of the roofing companies in NYC I had used before. I was confident in their work.

Owning a few buildings means a lot of maintenance. As an owner there is always that fine line between positive and negative cash flow when leasing. You want to make a profit from the lease money paid, but buildings are expensive to maintain. You want to keep them looking great to attract nice tenants, but you also cannot afford to keep everything brand new. You do have to get your money’s worth out of renovations and repairs. When I decided to get a roof repaired instead of replaced, I found one of the roofing companies in NYC that fixed a stubborn leak so not a drop of water got through. This extended the time needed for replacing the roof by several years. Freeing up that cash meant we could remodel the interior.

I called the same company to repair the area where the AC unit busted through. The insurance companies like to bring in crews that do stuff at deep discounts. I like to bring in workers that will do the job right. Many people just go with whoever the insurance company recommends. They do that for car repairs all of the time. I think it is important to do a little research to make sure you are getting the best work done.

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