Bringing Security to Your Home

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mouseover to zoom orSince buying my first home in one of the nicer parts of Louisville, I’ve begun to wonder if I should start looking at home security prices. With crime in Louisville on the increase it might be a good idea to keep myself secure from any potential and unwanted robberies that might take place. Recently on the news they showed that an entire neighborhood was victim to a team of burglars who were hitting houses left and right, clearing out garages and homes without security with shocking speed which had left police baffled by the size and scale of the operation as well as the efficiency in which they were capable of operating with. While I do not have a lot to my name the few things that I do own are important to me. Home Owners Insurance is not going to be able to cover the cost of all these items, especially those items which have more emotional meaning to me!

While a home security system is going to keep me safe from any outside forces who might wish me harm, I feel as if it might make me feel slightly less safe. I don’t exactly enjoy the idea of having to set an alarm every night or being aware that I am in fact surrounded by an alarm system. It makes me kind of paranoid! Sure, I want to be safe but is it really necessary to go that far?


I do know that crime is something that cannot be denied. It is a very real factor here in the United States and especially so here in my own city. I do not know what I can do to help prevent this crime wave sweeping our streets but I do know what I can do to keep myself and my home secure.

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