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Pat Collins

Adding Satellite Internet to a Rural Home Brought Us Closer Together

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I felt like we were banished to a third-world country. I admit that I was used to things being a certain way even though I was still a child. Now that I am an adult, I can see how my impatience got on people’s nerves. However, when my dad had finally succumbed to a long illness and we had no more insurance money left, mom had to move us into grandma and grandpa’s house in the country. Grandpa was very empathetic and did all he could. He even got us the Internet from Hughesnet since it was the only thing that would work out there in the rural area where they lived.

I had never spent much time at my grandparent’s place because they lived so far away. Not only that, they lived way out in the country. They had a nice house, but there was nothing around that would interest a kid used to living in an urban environment in a big apartment building. I had my tantrums and would disappear for hours and hours reading stuff I would find online. I was not interested in social media. I did not need my so-called friends telling me they knew how I felt and how things would get better.

That single act of my grandfather who I did not know well getting us Internet from Hughesnet let me know he actually cared. I cannot even put it into words how much the ability to get online and read and play my games helped me during that time. My grandfather even learned form me how to download and read books. Many of which are completely free. He became a very important person in my life that summer and winter. By spring my mom said we had enough to move back to the city. Neither my brother nor I wanted to go. We stayed and we are a closer family now than ever before.

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