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Pat Collins

My New DSL is Fast and Affordable

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90s Internet Providers Still using 90's internetAfter 15 years of marriage, my husband and I decided to divorce. We have three kids, and although he and I will have joint custody of them, I will have them most of the time. That means it will be a struggle to make ends meet with my somewhat paltry salary. I was worried about whether I could afford Internet, but my sister told me I could find good savings if I looked at to find fast service that I could afford. The service my husband and I both used when we lived together was incredibly fast, so I was hoping that I could find something like that, but at a lower cost.

After moving into my new place, getting my new place set up and the kids settled in, I had a lot of time on my hands. I realized that I missed being able to jump on the computer to surf. I knew it was time to take a look at the site my sister told me about. Getting online is a great stress relief buster, and I needed that badly.

The site was easy enough to manuever around. All I had to do was click on my state and it took me to another page that showed me what all my options are. I was not ready to simply order without talking to someone, so I gave the company a call. They said they could send someone out to install my service within just 4 days. I really liked the price, and it was something that I could afford with my new, single-parent lifestyle.

The kids were happy to learn that I now have DSL service at our place. They had been using their dad’s service when they go to visit him, and they were missing it here at our new apartment. It was also important for me to get it for them so that they can keep up with homework assignments and other things they need to do online. We’re all happy now!

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