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Pat Collins

Looking for a Place Near Anne Arundel

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kay and I have started to look for a nice little place near Anne Arundel. Of course we are not looking for much. We want a quiet place that is safe and has the basics like high speed internet in Maryland. The location is based on her needs. I am not really required to be any one place to do my job. At least it does not particularly matter where I start out from. In the morning I go out and jump in the car and go to some place within a couple hundred miles of Maryland. At least that is what it is usually like. Some of the time I can do the job without having to go any place, but usually I am a road warrior. If I start from any place in this area it is going to be better or worse one day depending on which direction I turn when I get out on the highway. No matter what I am still going to have my lunch in the car in some place that is not my home or probably not very near my home.

I am going to have to find a place with a spare room that I can make in to an office, or with enough room out back so that I can build a little office. Either way my boss is going to pay for it. It makes no sense for me to have an office where the other people are, because I am never there. However I do work from home a good bit of the time and that is a legitimate business expense. it is just something where you need to be very careful or else the IRS can get very upset with you. They have had a lot of people try to abuse this thing.

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